Sketchy Sketch #1

Sketchbook Randomness

This past year I realized the importance of keeping a sketchbook, no matter how good or bad the drawings and ideas are, it’s just good to get it out of your system and get it on paper. Recently, we took in a stray cat- enter Queso Blanco. Yes, I am not a cat person, but this lil white fur ball has inspired me to keep drawing. Continue Reading..


2013 DSACT BuddyWalk Event Brochure

Designing for an awesome cause

This past summer I had the pleasure of working on the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas’ brochure and registration materials for their annual BuddyWalk event. They recently re branded and it was amazing to see all of the photos from previous events to select images for this year’s brochure. It was hard to choose, there were so many inspiring photos! It’s always heartwarming to see your work going towards a great cause. To learn more about DSACT and to get involved with all their awesomeness visit DSACT’s website.

“We are capable, valuable and unique.”