ATX Foods Catering

Designing sometimes makes you hungry

Am excited to post the latest¬†logo + branding progress for a local catering company, ATX Foods ! It’s been the perfect opportunity to design and brand for the food industry… and eat some really, really awesome food. Ok, now I’m hungry.

The concept + design goal for the company is for the brand to have that southern, hill country flavor to it. Chef Steven Steen specializes in high quality meats, unique stocks and sauces so we wanted to keep a classic, strong “Texas-feel” to the logo. Versatility in color and reversal play a big role since it will be applied to various items uniforms/apparel, biz cards, promotional items, packaging labels, menus, signage and lots of other goodies. Final designs/branding to be completed in December of 2013 so stay tuned!

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  • B. Weigl says:

    I recently received some products created by ATX Foods, and I noticed right away how attractive the logo & branding is for their labels. Very nice, I would love to give these as gifts & I am enjoying using them in my kitchen!

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