Leapin’ Lizards!

Broadway Icon Redesigned

When I was approached to design characters for the Annie the Musical brand style guide, the first thing that popped into my head was ummmm… Leapin’ Lizards! I had just signed on to design a big campaign and how in the world was I going to make Annie happen? After much brainstorming, a few freak-out sessions, and several conversations with friends later, I knew it would be a project I would never forget and that I had to say “Absolutely, I’m all in, let’s do this!” After all, it was Annie!!!

And so the journey to re brand an icon we all grew up with began. And i said goodbye to sleep for a few months.

The process of designing the characters was indeed a challenging one. There will be a separate post showing some of the earlier versions and artwork and how they all transformed into the final characters.

To my surprise, months after the style guide was complete while the show was being rehearsed and cast, an email came in with news that Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC loved the artwork so much that they decided to use it for a line of Annie candy to promote the show opening in the fall of 2012. Say whaaaat? They even made cookies with the artwork I created! It was incredible. Dylan’s did a great job on all of the packaging and promotion for the candy. (of course, they always do!) I was fortunate enough to be able to weigh in on the colors and layout. It was so amazing and rewarding to see the designs all come together outside of the actual style guide.

Extra special thanks to MARGOT MILLER for taking awesome product pics at Dylan’s Candy Bar for me. Check out Margot’s super cute and inspiring blog!

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