Let’s Misbehave!

Time to Misbehave!

“Let’s Misbehave” was the theme of Love Heals’ annual benefit in the Hamptons this past summer. I always enjoy designing invitations and graphics for Love Heals’ events and was excited to work with them once again to bring their creative ideas to life for a good cause. (They always have fun, fashion forward themes!) The event artwork was to be “Gatsby-esque” highlighting a smaller, more exclusive event held at a local Hamptons vineyard.

Using some old movie poster references, 20’s fashion images and art-deco fonts were a few things that I used to create the designs and illustrations. It was to be dramatic and sexy, with “just a dash of misbehavior.” The invitations were printed on a slightly over-sized folded card and metallic silver ink was used to glamor things up a bit. I was so pumped to see the photos from the actual event, how the artwork really set the tone for the atmosphere and guest attire. The artwork was used for all the promotional items including programs, magazine ads and social media. I can’t wait to see what Love Heals will do next!

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